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Improving 3 vs. 3 Soccer Skills for Players and Coaches

3v3 Soccer Home Page

Welcome to!  This site is your resource for everything relating to the exciting game of 3 vs. 3 soccer (also known as 3v3 soccer and 3 v 3 soccer).  We can help players, teams, and coaches become more successful in tournaments and help fans enjoy the game.  If you want to improve your chances of winning at 3 v. 3 and other short-sided tournaments, this is the website for you.


Look to the right for links to basic 3 vs. 3 soccer strategy and information!  See video below of Coach Bill discussing his newly released book on 3v3 soccer.


Short sided play has become very popular with children and adults in the past 20 years for many reasons.  At we can provide you with information, skills, and assistance in making your experience playing, coaching, or watching 3 vs. 3 soccer a most successful and memorable one.  We hope you enjoy your visit to the site.  Visit often and participate in discussion on our blog. is owned and operated by a four-time national/world champion 3 vs. 3 adult player.  Bill's teams also have two second place, two third place, and one fifth place finish to their credit.  Bill's teams have won countless regionals and local tournaments, and have participated in 3 v. 3 tournaments in Florida, Colorado, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.  Check out the photos page to see pictures from some of Bill's winning  3v3 tournaments.

Why 3 vs. 3?


Aside from the fact that 3 vs. 3 soccer is fun and challenging, there are many reasons to get involved in the game's newest craze:


1.    Both older and younger players prosper at 3 v 3 soccer;

2.    Fans are close to the action, and the games are fun to watch;

3.    3 v 3 soccer develops solid soccer fundamental skills such as trapping and passing;

4.    3 v 3 soccer develops a player's ability to make decisions under pressure;

5.    Players improve their field vision;

6.    Players learn solid defensive skills;

7.    Players learn how to position themselves when they do not have the ball;

8.    All players on a team participate on a nearly equal basis;

9.    Players learn how to play single touch soccer and to be comfortable with the ball;

10.    Players learn the importance of positioning on the field;

11.    Because rosters are limited to six players, it is easy to put a team together for a 3 v 3 soccer tournament;

12.    Teammates traveling to tournaments bond with each other and befriend other teams;

13.    Parents can easily become involved in 3 v 3 tournaments with little long term commitment; and

14.    There are fewer injuries because the ball is rarely played in the air.