Improving 3 vs. 3 Soccer Skills for Players and Coaches


"I've personally played and have won national 3 v. 3 championships with Bill.  His breakdown of 3 v. 3 is a big part of our team's success."

--Joe Avallone, 3 time world/national champion in 3 vs. 3 soccer


"For anyone competing in 3 v. 3 tourneys, Bill's knowledge and advice is valuable."

--Greg Brick, 3 time world/national champion in 3 vs. 3 soccer


"I've played with Bill on multiple championship teams at all levels of 3v3 soccer competition for many years.  He has a tactical understanding of the game and a unique ability to formulate and execute specific plans tailored according to various opponents.  Over the years, I have witnessed fans and opponents study Bill's game play strategies in an attempt to figure out, copy, and mimic the very game plans used to defeat them."

--Eric D. Letbetter, 7 time world/national/regional champion in 3 vs. 3 soccer